Why am I an Atheist

Many years ago, a revolutionary youth from my home state published an essay with the same title. He is the most celebrated revolutionary in India today. I know that Bhagat Singh was an atheist because he was influenced by Marxist and Leninist ideology. Now the question arises that why do I have to write this essay. I am neither a Marxist nor a Leninist and also my family background is extremely religious. My three previous generations have been associated with religion deeply and passionately. My father holds his PhD in Sikh religious Philosophy.

Why then do I write this essay and what made me turn into an atheist? I in turn ask you people why are you theists apart from the fact that you were born in religious families and theology has been drilled into your brains? Why is it that your religion and your views on God depend upon the family you are born into? 

My atheism does not come from the predetermined notion that my family would be atheist or that I am immoral or vain. My friends would testify that I neither live in vanity nor immorality. My family is also religious as already stated above. I am an atheist because I don’t see any need of religion or God in my life and I feel that the concept of religion and God has outlived it’s utility. The institution of God was created when people saw different things happening around them and had no answer to why were they happening. So easiest way was to create an all powerful institution that was all powerful and was capable of doing anything and was unquestionable. In early civilization era, religion also served as a tool of state formation. The Monarchs till medieval times and in some places till modern times used religion to derive a devine right to rule over people with unlimited authority as questioning them would be equal to questioning God.

Now as we live in era of science, I don’t see any need of either religion or God. I have my own brain which works on logic that can easily differentiate between good or bad. And if you say that my intelligence is given to me by God then I have a simple question for you at the end of this. By your logic God should be more intelligent than humans as he makes intelligent beings. What is the source of his/her intelligence?