Muslims are Right: ISIS has got nothing to do with Islam.

Yes, you read it right. ISIL or ISIS or simply IS ( Islamic State ) that have become the flag bearers of Islam actually have got nothing to do with it or at least it’s religious aspect.

Before coming to what really drives IS let’s examine another scenario. The scenario of Khalistan terrorism. Do you think they have anything to do with Sikhism or Khalsa? No. Not the religious aspect at least. They just want dominance over others in that area which is not possible in a secular and democratic setup of the country. Till 1849, Punjab was ruled by Sikhs and they were the sole lawmakers of the land. Their word was the law. But they were dethroned by the British. After the Independence, Sikhs wanted their monopoly back but it was denied to them. Since then, Khalistan is being demanded. It’s because Sikhs think it’s their land and they should be the sole rulers of the land. That superiority complex doesn’t go easily.

Now think about it. If a community that ruled a land for a brief period and were dethroned more than one and a half century ago don’t give away the superiority complex, what would you expect from people who had established a world order for more than a mellinium and who were dethroned just about a hundred years ago?

What really drives the ISIS is not the religion but the thought of getting back the world order. It’s about superiority of the religion and not religion itself. Islamic world order collapsed once the Ottoman Empire fell in the 20th Century. It’s natural that after being the ruling class for more that a mellinium, you wouldn’t want to live as a commoner and would want your erstwhile status back.

IS uses the religion to justify what they do and to get the new recruits. It’s easier for them to manipulate young, gullible minds through religion than any other means. Young people who are looking for a purpose in their lives find fighting for religion very appealing. And by the way, who would not want to become a hero and book his place in the promised paradise?

It’s not about education either. People will make you believe that only uneducated go into this field. No, that’s just no true. Infact its way of the mark. If that was the case, can somebody explain Osama Bin Laden? Not many people know that he was an engineer. And Al Jawahari?The current Al Qaeda cheif is a surgeon. The IS cheif is a PHd. If it was about education, why would these highly qualified people become what they became? For me it’s all about the list of power, fame or how easily can you be manipulated.

And think about it. Can these organisations in any form run without some kind of a state support. I certainly don’t think so. War against IS has certainly become a show off for the big two and their weapons. It’s an automatic advertisement of the weapons of US and Russia. So who is benefiting? Everybody knows about the terror network back home. And I need not elaborate on who is funding those networks. It’s our very own neighbour state. And what about the very little talked about outfit Hezbollah or Hizbullah or whatever? The outfit based in Lebanon has 12 members of Parliament there and also has two cabinet berths. It’s funding comes from Lebanon and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Can these outfits run without the state funding they receive? Certainly no. So more than religion, the current leadership of certain states and vested interests are responsible in fueling terror and using it as there proxy to further their interests.

So before blaming it upon religion, try to dig a little. It’s not the religion that drives them. It’s not the Quran as many people blame ( I don’t blame it because I haven’t read it) but it’s the urge to re-live the past glory. Nothing can justify their acts against humanity. They are as heinous as they get. But to blame the religion for it is equally unethical.


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