#OddEvenFormula-Desinged to shift blame??

Delhi Government has come up with an innovative idea to curb pollution in the city. Allowing vehicles with odd numbers and even numbers on alternate days. Some people see this as a radical step and are hailing it. I can do nothing but pity the intelligence of such people. There are multiple points where this policy is bound to fail. I hope the Government is ready

Circumventions- People will surely try to circumvent to law and buy a cheap low quality car with alternative number plate to drive every day. This proves to be more deadly than present circumstances. Lucy Saddler who run a Low emissions Zone Website in Europe says that drivers inevitably circumvent restrictions by buying cheap, inefficient cars with opposing number plates. This means this scheme has had an adverse effect on air quality in the long run.So people will circumvent the law and create a bigger problem than the one in hand.
Another provision of the law is that cars from other state are out of the ambit of the law. This is where its designed to shift blame. People will start getting their cars registered from UP or Haryana and drive in Delhi. Then AAP will say other state commuters are responsible. We are not responsible. Classic Kejriwal politics.

Public transport is not that good- From my 4 month stay in Delhi, one thing that I have come to know is that the public transport is not good enough to bear the burden. DTC is overcrowded and not frequent enough, and Metro is not everywhere.Also the problem with metro is that is you want to go from Maharani Bagh to Noida, you first need to go to Govindpuri and from there all the way to Noida via Mayur Vihar. It takes double the time you would take in a private vehicle. So again its flawed.

Late Night Problems- There is no public transportation in Delhi after 12 am. So for late nighters and for students who work part time or stay back in their institutes for some reason will have to rely on Cabs. Now not everyone can afford cabs everyday. And also if someone has a night shift so which number would he fall in? Going to office on an odd day and coming back on even day. At around 3 or 4 when night shifts get over there is no public transportation. So again Cab every day.

Analyzing it, we see this policy has too many flaws. Will this work? Hope it does. But my gut feeling says it won’t.  Lets see what time has in its folds.


6 thoughts on “#OddEvenFormula-Desinged to shift blame??

  1. Hello shivam, really nice post, amazingly written 🙂 but being a kejriwal supporter I disagree on almost all of ur points. Here’s my take on ur take.

    1. In India all the cars follow the pollution emission policy. So there’s literally no such concept as “cheap inefficient cars”. On the contrary, cheaper the car, smaller is its engine, this simply implies that lesser will be its emission. (an admirable step by government).

    2. Agreed, people will register their vehicles from other states BUT the existing cars are bound to follow the law and it will help A LOT in reduction of emission. Every law initially has some ways to circumvent it, but that doesn’t mean it is useless and shouldn’t be implemented. Gradually it will apply to other states as well. Then there would be no such problem.

    3. There’s no point comparing the comfort of public transport to that of a private vehicle. Public transport will definitely be of lesser convenience and naturally, it can’t run as and when an individual person wants it to. You can’t expect it to take the same time as ur own vehicle but its high time to save the environment and stop being selfish.

    4. As far as affording a cab is concerned, you’ll save enough bucks by using the public transport to use a cab.

    5. The rule is applicable only from 8am to 8 pm so it’s simply stupid to even talk about those with night duties.

    At last,
    In today’s time there are three types of people 1. Glass is half empty. 2. Glass is half full. 3. Kejriwal is responsible for glass being half empty.
    Try not to be the third type. 🙂

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    1. Well for 8 am to 8 pm surely it was not announced when I had written it…Well I should have edited it…..But for cheap cars surely there are ample cheap old cars with more emissions… Also public transport here in Delhi is already exploding and without proper planing if you burden it more it may even break down


      1. U Should have waited for the complete announcements to be made… 2. Cars with more emission than the specified limits are already banned my dear, there’s a formal pollution certificate requirement for every vehicle. Consider the top three cheapest cars in India, nano, maruti 800 and alto, best known and extremely famous for their fuel economy. 3. Plans regarding expansion of public transport and more investment in it are already under consideration and will be implemented soon, so there’s no chance of breakdown.

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  2. Sir thanks for taking note but you should have first expanded the public transport and then make the announcement of this Odd even thing….Also if you can make these 15 days free in DTC it would give a greater push to the initiative.


  3. Very Nice shivam. I am feeling happy after reading your complete article and i support every opposition because opposition is very much required to get great success. Opposition shows us our vulnerabilities which help us in perfect decision making. But your article shows that you have written it with very hasty mind without knowing What is Odd/Even formula and without complete knowledge about it. i disagree your viewpoints because according to me these are somewhere illogical. For example: You are saying people will buy another car for another day from other state. who will buy new car just for 7 days? Obviously he/she’ll be stupid or very rich. So this shows these are your personal viewpoints not reality.

    But if it remains continue surely it’ll help in:
    1). betterment in public transport.
    2). reduce traffic on roads which cause to jams
    3). safe driving due to less crowd of vehicles
    4). noise pollution
    5). air pollution

    Lets think from another angle. If people make it succeed, in future we can take decision to replace all fuel autorickshaws to electric autorickshaws. which also will help to reduce more noise and air pollution.

    At the end i pay thanks to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal who gave you very good reply and showed he is directly connected to us, listening our voice and knows what is good for us. I hope he will do good in future also.

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    1. I wrote it keeping in mind that this scheme will be extended beyond 15 days and living in Delhi I know how the public transportation and auto rickshaw system works..How arrogant the Auto drivers are…I don’t oppose the odd even policy but just wanted that government should have chalked out a plan before rolling out the scheme because it affect a big chunk of city’s population.


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