Bihar Election Result-There is more to what meets the eye

So the results of the much anticipated Bihar elections is out finally and the Grand alliance has won huge. But what are the implications is the real question. Are the implications only limited to the B.J.P as the Media is suggesting?? Or Media is showing just a one sided picture? Let’s analyze it point by point.

Setback to the BJP- Yes its a huge setback for the BJP. As everyone knows that the Modi led Government is trying to push for a series of reforms in the Parliament and the opposition is opposing it for the sake of opposing. Now whenever Modi will talk about reforms, the Bihar result will be thrown on to him. So now reforms will take a back seat because of these elections. Also the quest for majority in the Rajya Sabha suffers a serious setback. This will embolden the opposition.

JDU-RJD combine- One of the surprising elements of the results have been the emergence of Lalu Yadav led RJD as the single largest party. Now this is something serious which nobody is talking about. Even if Nitish is sworn as the CM, the real power will be with Lalu because of these numbers. Nitish may have been good as a CM in the past but now he won’t have the same monopoly over policies. Its Lalu who is going to dictate terms. This is not at all good for the interests of Bihar. So in my opinion Nitish will be the next Manmohan Singh or to be local the next Rabri Devi.

These are the two major implications in my opinion that can be drawn from these results. Now how this government runs remains to be seen.


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