Yes Intolerance is on Rise in India. Here’s Why.

Last few weeks have seen a widespread clamour among some of the “Intellectuals” of the country to return their awards citing “Extreme Intolerance” in India. We would listen to all even if they are wrong. But the last person to lecture India over intolerance in my opinion is Arundhati Roy. The same Arundhati Roy who has made India bashing her occupation.

Its natural for Ms. Roy to see the “Intolerance” because she owes her allegiance to extreme Left wing which has lost its importance in the “New India”. When she says India has become intolerant she probably means intolerant toward leftists and pseudo intellectualism. There was a time when left wing had the monopoly over the narrative of this country. How people think was also decided by these kind of people. But 16th May 2014 was the date when suddenly everything changed. The leftists lost their monopoly which they enjoyed since independence. People started to question their theories. That is when intolerance was born in this country.

Sorry Ms Roy but this is not the India which would tolerate your nonsense. If intolerance is meant by rejecting of old and obsolete ideas of the left then yes we are intolerant. Rest assured, we are not going to change


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