Was Ravana really evil??

So its Vijaydashmi again.The day commemorated as day of killing of Ravana ( considered evil ) by Lord Ram. Ravana is considered to be the epitome of evil. But a question was doing rounds in my mind since morning. Was Ravana that evil? Or he like many others is a misunderstood figure. I decided to dig deeper into it.

First lets discuss the known facts about him. Why did he abduct Sita? Surpnakha met Ram in the forest and instantly fell for him. Ram declined her offer of marriage. At this She became furious and attacked Sita.Lakshman attacked Surpnakha and cut her nose. Was cutting her nose justified?? Whatever Ravan did was to avenge his sister’s humiliation. Path may be wrong but intentions were not. He kept Sita the best possible way. His proposal for marriage was also not forced on her. He apologized while dying. It won’t be wrong to say that Ravana was the best brother since he stood against the God for the sake of his sister and the one who can go to such an extent for his sister must be really very great.

Now some other facts to ponder:-

1. It’s a very well-known and widely accepted truth that he was a great Brahmin who worshipped on a regular basis following all the rituals and customs. Additionally, he also used to play Veena along with Sandhya Vandhanam.

2. Even though he grabbed Lanka from his step brother Kuber, Ravana was considered an efficient and compassionate king. After killing Ravana, Rama said that the world lost a nice soul.

3. Ravana was among Lord Shiva’s most devoted followers and obtained blessings in form of several boons from the God.

4. Ravana always followed the rules of war while Lord Rama killed Baali against the rules of battle.

More you know about him, the more you consider him great. For me he really is greatly misunderstood. For you, well its upto you to decide.


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